Registry-access program

Program – Open

No submission deadline

The Quebec Pain Registry is an administrative and research database which provides standardized data on a large cohort of persistent pain patients who are described using a set of common demographic and clinical measures based on uniform and validated measurement tools. This unique database, unlike any other in the world, will allow researchers to better understand persistent pain, to improve pain management and treatment.

It was conceived in 2007 as a strategic initiative of the Quebec Pain Research Network.

Number of patients enrolled in the Registry:  9363

Members from the Pain Network will benefit from a program that gives access to Quebec Pain Registry (QPR) for a preliminary analysis of their needs in regards to the preparation of a proposal for a granting agency.

The total envelope available for this program amounts a total of 20 000$, with a maximum of 1 500$ per request.

The program is created on a policy of “pay-back loan”


For additional information, please communicate with the Pain Network coordinator. You can also visit the registry website.

  1. Perform a request access on the QPR website
  2. Click the option for a preliminary feasibility request in regards to a granting program
  3. Complete and submit the request form
  4. The QPR team will study your request and provide a login to select preliminary variables
  5. A quotation and contract will be forwarded for approval and signature
  6. The Pain Network will support the feasibility study with a cap of 1 500$ per request
  7. A letter reporting the preliminary analyses will then be provided to support your grant proposal
  8. If you are granted a research fund within the next 5 years of the initial request for a project supported by the data reported in this letter, the loan will have to be payed back to the Pain Network.