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Depending on the advancement of your career, the benefits differ. Student members will have the opportunity to start networking and participate in training. Independent researchers can be strategically supported from the beginning of their careers and put their research program into a rich ecosystem of collaborations. Established independent researchers will have the opportunity to nurture and influence the strategic positioning of the pain sector, to access and to contribute to service platforms, to accelerate their research and to be given the opportunity to be involved in committees of experts from the many partners of the Pain Network

What members think about the Pain Network

"Joining the QPRN was one of my best decisions in the postdoc to PI transition. The QPRN played a key role in my integration into pain research in Quebec, growing my network of collaborators, and helping to launch my independent career. Funding from the QPRN has led to several major CIHR grants and launched a new, exciting component of my research program."

Dr Lynn Gauthier, ULaval

Access to research projects on pain

It is often difficult to realize the number of funded projects in a sector across the province. The Pain Network strives to gather this information to increase opportunities for collaboration (researchers and students) and participation (patients). As a member, you will have access to more inside information.

Pilot projects program
Initiate and promote an innovative and unsubsidized aspect of research
Registry access program
Benefit from the Quebec Pain registry access program for a preliminary analysis of your needs
Strategic initiatives and technical platforms
The QPRN is organized into 4 strategic initiatives and 5 technical platforms
Invited speaker program
To support the invitation of internationally recognized researchers

Adhesion types for researchers

To be a member of a network, a person must meet the criteria of one of the following categories and apply for membership with the network management team. Regardless of the status, no membership fee or renewal fee may be charged by thematic networks. The status of the members is reviewed regularly according to a periodicity determined by each of the networks. The absence of participation of a member in the activities of the network for this period leads to the end of his membership. A member may also terminate membership at any time. The list of members must be updated periodically and publicly available on the Network's website. The FRQS may require a member status to be withdrawn from a person due to a proven breach of responsible research conduct.


A regular member is a researcher working on the theme of the network and meeting the criteria of one of the following research statutes, detailed in the FRQ Common General Rules.

  • University researcher
  • Clinical university researcher
  • College researcher
  • Regular members are actively involved in the scientific activity of the network.


Only regular membership entitles to vote at the Assembly of Members and apply to the network fundings opportunities.


Any person, representing an organization or not, who collaborates in the development or the realization of the activities of the network is eligible for the status of associate member.

The category of associate member does not give the right to vote at the General Assembly of members or access to funding from the network.


An honorary member is a researcher or a person whose network wishes to acknowledge exceptional merit or to whom he wishes to express his gratitude for services rendered in the research theme of the network.

The category of honorary member does not give the right to vote at the General Assembly of members or access to funding from the network.


Any incorporated or registered group, community or association; any legal person having objectives similar to those of the Pain Network, supporting the Pain Network and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to any community, association or group wishing promote the objectives of the Pain Network.

This status does not give the right to vote at the General Assembly of members or access to funding from the network.