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Nicole Alberts

Ph.D. (doctor),  Regular member
Principal Interest
Cancer pain
Secondary Interest
Rx (cannabis, opioids, ionic channels)
Primary Affiliation

Université Concordia

Secondary Affiliation

Subscription date
26 November 2020


Nicole Alberts received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Regina in 2015, which was followed by a residency (Behavioral Medicine) and postdoctoral fellowship (Rehabilitation Psychology) at the University of Washington. She joined the faculty at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2016. In August 2020, Nicole Alberts returned to Canada and began her position as Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Concordia University.

The primary goal of her research program is to improve pain and psychological outcomes among individuals across the lifespan – with a focus on individuals diagnosed with pediatric cancer and sickle cell disease (SCD). She is accomplishing this goal in two primary ways: a) characterizing pain among those on-treatment and surviving childhood cancer and SCD; b) investigating psychological variables that can impact pain and functioning. She utilizes digital health approaches to answer key research questions, and to develop and test interventions targeting pain and psychological outcomes.

She is also a clinical health psychologist with experience spanning pediatric and adult populations.