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Guillaume Léonard

Ph.D. (doctor),  Regular member
Principal Interest
Non-invasive technologies (e.g., TENS, tDCS)
Secondary Interest
Low back pain
Primary Affiliation

Université de Sherbrooke

Secondary Affiliation
Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement du Centre de santé et de services sociaux - Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke (IUGS)

Subscription date
8 April 2020


Guillaume Léonard is a Professor at the School of Rehabilitation of the University of Sherbrooke and a researcher at the Center for Research on Aging of the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS, he is interested in the problem of pain in the elderly. His work aims to better understand the interaction between pain, the motor system and memory, and to improve pain management in seniors. He is particularly interested in the potential of neurostimulation techniques (peripheral neurostimulation, transcranial stimulation) as therapeutic avenues for reducing pain and maximizing physical function in the elderly.