Training stipend

The Pain Network has an established laboratory exchange program to support trainees (graduate students, post-doctoral or clinical fellows and other trainees of a similar level) who wish to acquire training in new techniques or master new protocols in a pain-related research field that is not available in Quebec. Applications to attend advanced or specialized training program could also be supported. The candidate will also need to describe the benefits for other QNJPI and/or QPRN members.

NOW OPEN until the budget is exhausted ($ 9000)


  • One application per fiscal year allowed (April to March)
  • Priority will be given to first-time applicants
  • Up to $2,000/award for exchanges/training programs within Canada
  • Up to $3,500/award for international exchanges/training programs
  • Funding requests will be evaluated on a case basis for students that already benefit from another international training award
  • Minimal stays of 4 weeks and need to comply with the FRQ-S rules

Please contact the management team if you wish to train in a Quebec-based research team. We tend to propose workshops for the collectivity instead of individual trainings in the province of Quebec.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a registered trainee at a Quebec university engaged in pain-related research;
  • Be supervised by a regular member of the Quebec Pain Research Network;
  • Be a member of the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators;
  • Submit a project consistent with the Pain Network research priorities and in compliance with the ethical rules in force in the institution associated with the research.

Proposal preparation:

Send the document to with the following heading: “Foreign training support competition”

Times New Roman 12 points, margins of 2.54 cm. Convert in 1 PDF document in this order:

  • One title page
    • Thesis project title
    • Candidate name
    • Laboratory/Team name
    • Thesis/Post-doc supervisor name (member of the QPRN)
    • Name of the training laboratory/team
    • Name of the training supervisor
    • City, Country
    • Starting date and duration of the training
  • Description of the training project (1 page max)
    • Introduction
    • Realistic objectives to perform in the training
    • Methods and expertise to acquire
    • Expected results
  • Training importance (1/2 page max)
    • Describe the expertise to acquire which is not available in Quebec
    • Importance of acquiring this expertise outside of Quebec, if available in Quebec
    • Training expectations
    • Impact of this training on your actual thesis/post-doc project
  • Budget (1/2 page max)
    • Format in a table
    • Detailed description of expected expenses (Outputs)
    • Describe all other funding sources (Inputs)
  • One support letter from the training supervisor
  • One support letter from the thesis/post-doc supervisor
  • The candidate updated CV (FRQ-S format or Biosketch)
  • The training supervisor CV (Biosketch).

A biosketch is a four-page (maximum size) document describing:

  • your work experience;
  • distinctions and awards;
  • research funding received;
  • articles published in the last five years (make selection if necessary);
  • other relevant contributions (e.g. review committees, editorial positions, etc.)

Application process:

You can apply using the online application system accessible via our « SUBMIT » button below. Before starting the application process:

Avant de débuter le processus de soumission :

  • Please fill out that form  : formulaire_demande_elargir_ses_horizons.docx
  • Prepare your CV (Refer to guidelines in « Formulaire demande – Élargir ses horizons »)
  • Ask for your hosting lab supervisor’s CV (If applicable, refer to guidelines in « Formulaire demande – Élargir ses horizons »)
  • Get a reference letter from your director
  • Get a reference letter from the hosting lab supervisor