Invited speaker program

Intended to support members from the Pain Network wishing to invite internationaly-recognized guest speakers to present innovating aspects of their research program. 

  • 5 envelopes available per fiscal year (March to April)
  • 2 000$ maximum per invited speaker, the excess being covered by the visited sites.
  • The invited speaker need to present at least on 2 sites, in 2 different cities (i.e.  2 universities or research centers in Montreal are considered as a sole site. The invited speaker would need for instance to give a lecture in Quebec city as well to be elligible).
  • The Pain Network needs to be identified as the main partner for holding the event (logos available on demand).


  • Proceed to a written request to the Pain Network coordinator, providing dates, details about the activity, a short bio of the speaker and his research interests
  • Ideally, the invited speaker resume or a list of PubMed publications should be provided.
  • You can inform the coordinator of another interested site if already identified, or you can ask that he surveys other members or sites.
  • The steering committee will review the request and authorize if all requirements are fullfilled.
  • The Pain Network hosting member will be responsible of managing the logistics and the expenses in equity with the other sites.
  • The Pain Network will only reimburse the initial hosting member, after being invoiced by the accounting service of his affiliated university/center, with justifications in attachement. 

Proceed to your request HERE