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Catherine Mercier

Ph.D. (doctor),  Regular member
Principal Interest
Secondary Interest
Non-invasive technologies (e.g., TENS, tDCS)
Primary Affiliation

Université Laval

Secondary Affiliation
Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et intégration sociale (CIRRIS)

Subscription date
8 April 2020


Dr Mercier received a B.Sc. in occupational therapy and a doctorate in biomedical sciences (rehabilitation option) from the University of Montreal. She then completed postdoctoral training at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences in Lyon, France. She is now a full professor in the Rehabilitation Department of Laval University, Scientific Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CIRRIS), merit researcher of the Fonds de recherche Québec-Santé (FRQS) and holder of the Chair of research in cerebral palsy at Laval University. Her current work focuses on the interactions between pain and the motor system, as well as on strategies to promote optimal recovery when physical rehabilitation is performed in the context of pain. She has published over 85 articles and supervised 30 graduate and postdoctoral fellows.