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Stimulus projects 2021

Associate members:

The call for stimulus projects is a one-off program to support early career researchers. This program aims to help researchers to immediately position a promising project in pain research.
Several grants of 10,000$ are awarded to researchers who have been working as an independent researcher for less than 7 years.

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients :

  • Louis David Beaulieu, Sensory side of shoulder rehabilitation – exploring novel mechanisms underlying subacromial pain syndrome.
  • Jason Bouffard, Interactions between pain and motor rehabilitation following a spinal cord injury : a qualitative study of rehabilitation professionals’ perspectives.
  • Carol Meloto, Adaptive, pain sensitive, or global symptoms cluster? Clinical evidence that cluster assignment is temporally stable and can predict the likelihood of pain improvement and of response to first-line therapies for painful temporomandibular disorders.
  • Suzy Ngomo, Apport des soins de la douleur chronique en physiothérapie conventionnelle, chez la clientèle de 65 ans et plus.
  • Ravi Rungta, Mapping cortical representations of pain in the mouse brain.
  • David Williamson, Monitoring des opiacés aux soins intensifs avec la pupillométrie quantitative: une étude exploratoire de preuve de concept.

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