Theme 3: Explaining Pain

“Knowledge Translation & Exchange”

Leaders: Manon Choinière & Serge Marchand

The objective is to improve chronic pain management in Quebec by supporting a series of studies to assess the impact and efficacy of pain-related knowledge translation and exchange interventions.

To achieve this, we will first establish the current cartography of various chronic pain problems across Quebec along with the types of services offered in terms of treatment and follow up. The database produced will provide a portrait of the geographic distribution of different chronic pain syndromes across Quebec along with the available health care resources in various regions. This database will thus become a key enabling tool to geographically target pain-related knowledge translation and exchange interventions and outcomes.

Explaining pain—i.e., translating and exchanging the knowledge researchers, clinicians, patients, and decision makers have about the phenomenon of pain— is a new and different way of doing research. It requires a switch of paradigm, but the learning potential is enormous, and yields as much for the researchers and managers as for the clinicians and patients. Patients are active partners, not only in care, but also in research. To create a Pain Research Network in which patients, clinicians, and policy/decision makers are involved as active players with the researchers is not only innovation, it is a necessity. This initiative gives rise to numerous new and fruitful collaborations; it provides an opportunity for trainees to be exposed to KTE activities; and, most importantly, it improves the condition and care of patients with chronic pain in Quebec.