Themes & Platforms

QPRN has developed three Unifying Themes of Research

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assessing pain
seeing pain
explaining pain

The first two focus on more traditional biomedical and clinical research, while the latter is intended to stimulate knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) initiatives between: the research community, heathcare practitioners, patients and their families, policy decision makers and the public.

Research along the three unifying themes enhances our understanding of pain, leading to innovation and improvements in

Pain diagnosis - Pain Management - Curing Pain

QPRN has also built Four Platforms

These represent the enabling infrastructure to conduct the research efforts described under the three Unifying Themes of the Network:

Platform 1:

Platform 2:
Animal Models

Platform 3: platform3

Platform 4: platform4

Strategic Initiatives - Resources in development

DNA Bank

A high-quality DNA databank is collected from a select group of trauma patients from whom a comprehensive set of demographic, lifestyle, sleep, dietary, psychological, and pain symptom data have been collected. With the databank, Network researchers are able to perform inexpensive, targeted genotyping to test genes shown to be important in animal models for their relevance in humans. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to accelerate translation of basic research findings to novel diagnostic and/or therapeutic tools in humans. Indeed, performing a genome-wide association study is not only prohibitively expensive, but unnecessary, since associations studies are of limited value if not performed on a well-phenotyped sample. The project capitalizes on our unique ability to perform a detailed comprehensive phenotypic characterization of this patient cohort.