Pilot projects funded


(2015) Dr Philippe Seguela et al., 

•Selective interrogation of the c-tactile afferents and their contribution to allodynia in chronic pain. 

(2015) Dr Alain Frigon et al.,

•Sensory dysfunctions in chronic spinal cord injury: is there a common mechanism to the development of spasticity and nociceptive sensitisation? 

(2014) Dr Philippe Sarret et al.,

•Genome-wide transcriptional profiling of primary nociceptors in mouse models of bone cancer, neuropathic and inflammatory pain. 

(2013) Dr Serge Marchand et al.,

•Chronic pain and estrogens: role of the central opoidergic inhibitory system in the sensitivity to arthrosis pain using an in vivo measure based on positron emission tomography. 

(2012) Dr Armen Saghatelyan et al.,

•Sensory neurons differentiated from olfactory mucosa stem cells as a tool to develop novel analgesics

(2012) Dr Artur Kania et al.,

•The role of the Nail Patella Syndrome protein Lmx1b in development and maintenance of pain and itch neurons of the spinal cord.

(2011) Dr Philippe Séguéla et al., 

•Development of transgenic mice for optogenetic interrogation of pain pathways in vivo.

(2011) Dr Artur Kania et al.,

•Novel biomarkers of pain-relaying spinothalmaic tract neurons

(2011 ) Dr Ji Zhang et al.,

•Why do obese people feel more pain

 (2010) Dr Pierre Beaulieu et al.,

•Involvement of the cannabinoid system in the modulation of neuropathic and inflammatory pain following the activation of the opioid system.

 (2010) Dr Louis Gendron et al.,

•Generation of a Flag-Delta Opioid Receptor (Flag-DOPR) Knock-in-Mouse.



(2015) Dr Céline Gélinas et al.,        

•Refinement and preliminary testing of a cognitive-behavioral intervention to prevent acute to chronic pain transition in extremity trauma patients. 

(2014) Dr Jordi Perez et al.,              

•A prospective observational trial to investigate the efficacy and safety of adjuvant analgesic therapy with ultra low dose methadone in cancer patients with pain.
(2014) Dr Tim Wideman et al.,          

•Sensitivity to physical activity (SPA) as a subgrouping factor for patient responses to pain rehabilitation following work-related musculoskeletal injury.

(2013) Dr Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme et al.,    

•Investigation of the Efficacy of tDCS in the Treatment of complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS).

(2012) Dr Pierre Beaulieu et al.,       

•The pectoral block for the treatment of postoperative pain following mammary cancer surgeries.

(2012 ) Dr Philippe Goffaux et al.,    

•Building painful memories:  A biased affair.

(2011) Dr Serge Marchand et al.,

•Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on excitatory and inhibitory pain mechanisms.

(2010) Dr Phil Jackson et al.,

•La représentation cérébrale de sa douleur et de la douleur d'autrui chez les professionnels de la santé:  Implication pour l'intervention.

(2010) Dr Manon Choinière et al.,

•La sensibilité/spécificité de l'indice bispectral (BIS) à la douleur expérimentale:  une étude pilote chez des patients sous anesthésie générale.



(2015) Dr Marco Battaglia et al.,      

•Altered nociception, early life adversities and emotionality in the quebec newborn twin study cohort.

(2014) Dre Manon Choiniere et al., 

•Associations between subacute pain trajectories, biopsychosocial outcomes and health care utilization in patients with chronic low back pain: A pilot study.

(2013) Dre Anais Lacasse et al.,     

•Beliefs, attitude and knowledge of the population regarding chronic pain, its impact and treatment.

(2011) Dr Philippe Sarret et al.,    

•Low back pain in specialized pain facilities: How good and how much?

(2010) Dr Manon Chonière et al.,    

•Internal and external validity of the Quebec Pain Registry and feasibility of its linkage with two administrative databases of the Province of Quebec:  A pilot study