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My cat-searcher life: actor against pain

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This video was selected as part of the scientific popularization competition “Highlight on the next generation 2020” organized by the QPRN. In this video, students from the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI) present their research project.

Aliénor Delsart

My name is Margot and I have osteoarthritis. Did you know that this disease affects 80% of cats over 11 years old? Up to 35% of adult cats? It is characterized by joint damage associated with pain. Basically, two types of arthritis pain exist, inflammatory, the most common and the easiest to relieve; or neuropathic. The latter is caused by abnormal electrical discharges from neurons innervating the joint to the brain, and leads to an exaggerated pain experience. I am hypersensitive myself. I can not stand touch as subtle as it is, it is called allodynia and unfortunately there is no suitable treatment to relieve it. This is why my help is required to determine if a new drug will be effective for inflammatory and neuropathic pain. I submit to non-invasive quantitative sensory pain tests that determine my sensory tolerance level. Also, we scrutinize my approach, my movements. My fatigue resistance threshold is determined by going up and down stairs. The results are promising, my cat-searcher life will help thousands of animal and human patients.