Meeting travel awards


  • Submission deadline: Dec 15, 2018
  • Eligibility period: Feb 1st to July 31st 2018


  • Submission deadline: June 15st, 2019
  • Eligibility period: August 1st 2019 to January 31st 2020


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In order to nurture the next generation of researchers for them to gain confidence and visibility, the Pain Network grants travel awards for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to attend conferences related to pain, neuroscience or related disciplines.

How to get our your next generation of Canadian researchers motivated? SHOW OFF YOUR RESULTS!

Have them make their research shine, and have them discussing with colleagues to launch new collaborations.

As a QPRN member, you supervise them so they produce good results.

In exchange, the QPRN selects the most motivated candidates and we support them to spread their work abroad!

A mission to which we are dedicated at the Pain Network.


Pain Network trainee Travel Award Program


  • Support for an oral or poster presentation at national and international conferences.
  • A student may only apply once every fiscal year (April to March) - EXCEPTIONALLY for the IASP meeting in September 2018, the same student is eligible for the two (2) competitions if the application for competition #2 concerns the IASP meeting.
  • Awards are capped at a maximum of $1,000. 
  • Maximum of 3 proposals per laboratory per competition.

***Doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows who obtain a travel award could be selected by the QNJPI to make a vulgarize presentation in one of AQDC's support groups. Travel expenses for the selected students/fellows will be covered by the QNJPI. More details will be given to the participants.***

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a registered trainee at a Quebec university engaged in pain-related research;
  • Be supervised by a regular or associate member of the Quebec Pain Research Network;
  • Be a member of the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators;
  • Have an abstract accepted for a presentation at a national (Canadian) or international conference.

Travel award payment:

  1. The Pain Network will ONLY reimburse your supervisor's research budget.
  2. Provide the congress receipts to your institution to file a claim according to the usual procedures of your institution.
  3. When your claim is completed in your institution’s system, ask the lab's secretary, or accounting department representative to send an invoice to the Pain Network amounting to a maximum of 1 000 $, corresponding either to the total or a fraction of your congress expenses (i.e. if your congress expenses were 600.78$, the invoice should be of 600.78$ and NOT 1 000$. The Pain Network will not cover for congress expenses of co-workers).
    2. Many institutions have their own standard invoice model. If so, please forward them the billing information provided in our invoice model.
  4. Provide a medium resolution (max 2 Mo) PDF of your poster, in order for the QPRN board to confirm that you acknowledge our suppport by including our logo and the logo of the QNJPI on your poster. If there is no mention of the support provided by the QPRN and the QNJPI, your refund will be rejected and you will loose your award.
  5. Email the invoice to
  6. A check will be sent to reimburse the supervisor's budget within 2 to 6 weeks. 

Download these Instructions - travel award payment - PDF document


If you are a registered student from the Université de Sherbrooke, your request should be proceeded first in SOFE. Afterwards, ask your secretary to communicate with the Pain Network secretary, Mrs Céline Péloquin, to proceed to a UBR transfer.