Low back pain & risk factors

The goal of this project is to identify recruitment strategies to identify individuals with new episodes of acute low back pain. We will use the findings from this pilot study to develop recruitment strategies for a larger study identifying risk factors in individuals with acute low back pain in order to predict the transition to chronicity. 

This study will provide insights into the proportions of responding patients who will meet our criteria, and allow to create a preliminary estimate of incidence.

Scientific committee

Pr Laura Stone                                UMcGill – LBP basic research, in vivo models

Pr Mark Ware                                  UMcGill – Pain clinic physician, primary care clinical research

Pr Serge Marchand                         UdeS – QST/Neuroimagery/Gender differences

Pr Anaïs Lacasse                             UQAT – Epidemiology

Pr Pierre Rainville                           UdeM – Functional and structural imagery of the spine

Pr Jean-Sebastien Roy                    ULaval – Sensorimotor deficits