Better understanding pain

This section contains documents, projects and programs that were developed to further our understanding of pain.  

Pain Video and Web Projects

In collaboration with the department of Biomedical Communications of the University of Toronto, many members contributed to the design of pain-focused education videos and websites.

Several of these projects were co-funded by a CIHR Strategic Training Program entitled "Pain from molecules to community", and by the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain.

These videos and websites are a ressource to graduate students, medical residents and healthcare professionals to grasp the concepts of different types of chronic pain and the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms.

  • Macrophages in neuropathic pain
  • Visualization of the endocannabinoid signalling system
  • Metastatic bone pain
  • Gentle Pain: Excitatory inhibition and tactile allodynia
  • Peripheral sensitization: a 3-D tooth pulp nociceptive sensitization
  • The sensory gating mechanism: a 3-D sleep disorder brain activation in pain patients
  • The molecular mechanisms of long-term pain potentiation in the spinal cord.
  • Chronic pain in the brain-gut axis
  • Opioid tolerance: receptor down-regulation and tolerance

Visit the Pain Network YouTube channel to view the videos, or use the links to the left for an overview of the available files.

Pain training programs

We list here training programs for health care professionals that are available to further their understanding of pain and improve patient care.

Pain library

A new section is being built that lists works of reference about pain that can be useful for patients, health care professionals and researchers.

Other resources

Please send other resources to our coordinator, Nicolas Beaudet, for consideration and inclusion here, or in one of our webpages.