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Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme

Ph.D. (doctor),  Regular member
Principal Interest
Low back pain
Secondary Interest
Knowledge transfer
Primary Affiliation

Université de Sherbrooke

Secondary Affiliation
Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS)

Subscription date
8 April 2020


Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme is a physiotherapist and researcher interested in developing and evaluating new ways to improve pain management in rehabilitation. His research program focuses on the treatment of persistent pain, such as low back pain, as well as on the development of pain assessment tools. His research program focuses on 3 key areas:
1) Evaluation of the effects / efficacy of pain management approaches in the field of orthopedic physiotherapy as well as research on prognostic factors
2) Development and evaluation of persistent pain self-management programs
3) Development of electronic tools to measure pain and range of motion (e.g. development of smartphone application)
Finally, he has numerous collaborations aimed at developing tools for measuring pain in vulnerable populations (eg: the elderly, intensive care).