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Ravi Rungta

Ph.D. (doctor),  Regular member
Principal Interest
Cerebral imaging
Secondary Interest
Optogenetics & sensory systems
Primary Affiliation

Université de Montréal

Secondary Affiliation
Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur le cerveau et l'apprentissage (CIRCA)

Subscription date
1 May 2020


Ravi Rungta is a Neuroscientist and Assistant Professor at Université de Montréal. The Rungta Lab uses cutting-edge imaging techniques across different spatial scales in combination with cellular and molecular manipulations, to investigate how brain cells interact with the vasculature during sensory processing. The goal of his work is to better understand the synaptic and cellular basis of hemodynamic imaging techniques such as fMRI, which are commonly used to map human brain activity in health and during the processing and perception of pain. Through the development of collaborations in the QPRN, he has working towards understanding aberrant plasticity in brain circuits and networks implicated in persistent pain.