First Edition of the QNJPI PAIN talks

The first edition of the QNJPI Pain talks took place November 6th in Sherbrooke, a day of short presentation inspired by TED talks.  This event brought together over 80 members of the junior network, and featured a new format of presentations, not focused on research results, but rather on controversies and new advances in the pain area.  Professors Maxime Descôteaux and Serge Marchand of Université de Sherbrooke were the invited speakers.

Two prizes were given to student presenters:

1st prize: (a reservation for the 1st edition of the North American Pain School "NAPS")

Marc-André Dansereau, from the laboratory of Pr Philippe Sarret (U. Sherbrooke) for his presentation “Nous ne sommes pas seuls”

2nd prize:

Sabrin Fuad Salmin, from the laboratory of Pr Francis Beaudry (U. Montréal) for her presentation “Age related metabolism of codeine in rats”

The student speakers were:

  • Maria Zamfir, McGill University, “On a Scale of 1 to 10”
  • Emerson Krock, McGill University, "The New Hope: Understanding and Treating Low Back Pain”
  • Amarjot Singh, McGill University, "Emerging Role of Epigenetics in Chronic Pain”
  • Annie Morin, U. Sherbrooke, "Quand les relations sexuelles sont synonymes de douleur”
  • Feng Wang, U. Laval, “Light to make life ‘lighter’”
  • Behrang Sharif, McGill University, "Optogenetics and chemogenetics to investigate pain and itch sensations”
  • Frances Wang, McGill University, "Potential contribution of inflammation in the transition of acute to chronic orofacial pain”
  • Raphaël Santamaria, U. Montréal, "Ketamine and Midazolam Metabolism Impairment in Geriatric Rats”