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FRQS Research Scholars 2020

Associate members:

Congratulations to our members for their recent success in the FRQS scholarship competition !

– Mélanie Bérubé –

For her project : Development of interdisciplinary strategies to prevent chronic opioid use in adult trauma patients

– Raoul Daoust –

For his project : Reduce the abuse of opioids used to relieve acute pain by reducing the amount of unused medication and by identifying patients at risk of abuse.

– Maryse Fortin –

For her project : Morphological and functional evaluation by imaging of the paravertebral muscles in patients with chronic low back pain and highlighting the effects of different exercise programs

– Anaïs Lacasse –

For her project : Better understand the treatment of chronic pain in the real context of clinical practicetique clinique

– Hugo Massé-Alarie –

For his project : Improving the care and treatment of low back pain by studying the physiological mechanisms of pain and movement control

– Jean-Sébastien Roy –

For his project : Better understand shoulder pain in order to better prevent it and offer optimal rehabilitationéadaptation

– Étienne Vachon-Presseau –

For his project : Understand the role of the mesolimbic system in problematic opioid use in patients with chronic pain

This Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec program is designed to facilitate the recruitment of qualified researchers seeking to begin or continue a career as independent researcher in human health. With this program, the FRQS intends to promote continuity in human health research in Québec and ensure that high-caliber scientists are available to meet the needs of universities, hospitals and industries.

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