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intersectoral research

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An opportunity for exchange presented by the Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN), the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) and the Quebec University Intersectoral Health Research Network (RISUQ).
Université du Québec (RISUQ).

The Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN), in collaboration with the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) and the Intersectoral Health Research Network of the University of Quebec (RISUQ) presents an event entitled “Intersectoral Research: Why and How?”

This event will propose concrete examples of projects as well as the challenges and conditions for success of intersectoral research, will help to better understand the added value of intersectoral research in terms of sustainable health and innovation, and will represent a forum for the exchange of intersectoral collaborations relevant to basic, clinical and population research.

This event will be an opportunity to learn about success stories such as the establishment of RISUQ intersectoral multi-grantee chairs, the use of virtual reality to manage pain and anxiety in children during painful medical procedures, and the contributions of intersectoral research to dental care accessibility. This will be followed by group co-construction workshops.

Don’t miss this event on June 13, 2022! If you can’t attend, the recording of the event will be made available on our YouTube channel shortly. A link will be shared on this page.