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Manage my pain portal

Associate members:

Patients suffering from chronic pain now have access to a new portal which offers them resources to better manage their pain.

The portal was launched in March 2021 during the second provincial conference on chronic pain, which brings together around 600 health professionals. The Quebec Pain Research Network in partnership with the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur la douleur chronique-MEDISCA de l’Université Laval, TELUQ University, the Quebec Association of chronic pain and patient partners, are proud to present this portal for help in pain management.

The portal is unique in Quebec and presents the information patients need to learn how to self-manage their pain. At the moment more than 160 resources are organized in 10 categories. The portal includes a tool that will allow users to suggest the addiction of new resources. New resources are professionally reviewed before they are accepted or rejected.

The website will be available in English in the coming months. Users will also have the opportunity to create a personalized library of content that is more relevant to their situation. Pain self-management programs will eventually be offered, as well as components for health professionals.

Follow the news of the portal by visiting its Facebook page. You can also find press articles about the portal in Le soleil, La Tribune, Ici Première and Radio Canada.