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Chronic pain and the pandemic: self-management to the rescue

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This video was selected as part of the scientific popularization competition “Highlight on the next generation 2021” organized by the QPRN. In this video, students from the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI) present their research project.

Pascale Marier-Deschenes

Before the pandemic, people with chronic pain already had to arm themselves with patience to obtain services from the health and social services network. The insufficiency of resources dedicated to their condition was a known problem. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has further restricted access to treatment. In such a context, alternatives must be considered. Without being able to receive specialized services quickly, people waiting may benefit from a self-management program for chronic pain. This type of program teaches how to adopt and maintain different positive behaviors to cope better with pain. However, no online self-management program in French is available to everyone for free. My doctoral project is first to develop such a program with several partners, including people living with chronic pain. When the program is ready, around 100 participants in Quebec will have the opportunity to follow it. This will allow it to be assessed and made changes if necessary before it goes live for everyone. The implementation of the program will make it possible to equip people waiting for services in their own homes, and at the time of their choice.