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Images of our brain, to cure back pain

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This video was selected as part of the scientific popularization competition “Highlight on the next generation 2021” organized by the QPRN. In this video, students from the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI) present their research project.

Monica Sean

I present to you Pascal and Guillaume: two 40-year-old men suffering from back pain for two years. Both men received the same treatment at the same time to relieve the same pain. Pascal was relieved by the treatment while for Guillaume the pain persisted. Why did the treatment work in one but not in the other despite the fact that they have, a priori, the same characteristics? This is the question our laboratory is interested in. We are particularly interested in images of the brain to answer this question. We are looking to identify differences in the brain that may explain why some people are more likely to respond to treatment than others. We want to recruit participants with back pain who will all receive medication. These participants will be followed for 4 months in order to obtain different images of their brain. In the end, we want to know: 1) which participants with back pain were relieved by the drug and 2) did the participants who responded positively to the drug have characteristics particularly in the brain? If we came back to Pascal and Guillaume, were they really similar?