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Back pain: beneficial stretching?

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The benefits experienced by stretching in people with back pain may be explained by the activation of regions involved in the modulation of pain.

An exploratory study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain by a team from Laval University and McGill University suggests that passive and prolonged stretching of the back decreases pain sensitivity. If these results are confirmed in patients suffering from persistent back pain, this intervention could become an interesting tool in the fight against the scourge of low back pain.

This study is signed by Hugo Massé-Alarie, Mikaël Desmons and Catherine Mailloux, from Laval University, and Marie-Claude Larouche, Samuel Camiré Bernier, Rosalie Racine and Olivier Collin, from McGill University.

We invite you to listen to Hugo Massé-Alarie on Radio-Canada or to read the article in Le Soleil.

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