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Pilot Projects 2020

Associate members:

This program serves to initiate and promote an innovative and not funded aspect of the scientific research of Network members.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients !

– Mélanie Bérubé –

For her project : Development of interdisciplinary strategies to prevent chronic opioid use in adult trauma patients

– Luda Diatchenko –

For her project : Biopsychosocial predictors of chronic pain and opioid misuse after surgery

– Philippe Séguéla –

For his project : Is chronic pain linked to deficits in cortical dopaminergic signaling?

– Pascal Tétreault –

For his project : Development of a brain and paraspinal imaging protocol by MRI in healthy subjects and patients with chronic low back pain

The Pilot Projects program is intended as a springboard to initiate and promote an innovative, non-funded research component, which is not part of the member’s regular scientific program. Through this program, the scientist will be able to verify the feasibility of an innovative concept and gather preliminary data that will allow them to submit a complete application to the major granting agencies.

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