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Promising Research-Industry partenership « Made in Canada » !

adMare and AmorChem have created a new company, Neurasic Therapeutics, based on breakthrough research from Dr. Philippe Séguéla, professor of neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, that was validated and further advanced by adMare BioInnovations. Dr. Séguéla is a world-expert in ion channel biology and molecular pharmacology. His research lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute (the Neuro) is renowned for investigating genes, cells and circuits involved in pain perception and analgesia.

Neurasic’s potential drug therapy targets acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs), a gene family of neuronal receptors activated by protons that play a role in multiple neurological disorders. Early research has shown that blocking ASICs elicits analgesia (the inability to feel pain) in persistent pain conditions, therefore eliminating the need for opiate-based drugs. Dr. Séguéla and adMare have developed a proprietary method to identify molecules that block the ASICs.

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