2016 QPRN meeting

Chateau Bromont The 10th edition of the Pain Network retreat took place April 1-3, 2016 at Château Bromont.

Official program PDF - 2016 Retreat of the Pain Network


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Pain Network Retreat Program

Friday April 1st, 2016

5:00pm – 6:15pm Cocktail


6:15pm – 6:30pm Welcoming remarks by the directors

Salon C

Dr Philippe Sarret (U. Sherbrooke) & Dr Mark Ware (U. McGill)

"Pain research updates"

6:30pm – 7:00pm Pilot projects' results (2013-2014 competition)

Salon C Session Chair: Dr Yves De Koninck (U. Laval) / Format: 10 min + 5 min

  • 6:30-6:45 Dr Anaïs Lacasse (U. du Quebec en Abitibi-Temiscamingue)
    "Connaissances, croyances et attitudes de la population generale quebecoise envers la douleur chronique"
  • 6:45-7:00 Dr Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme (U. Sherbrooke)
    "Effect of adding transcranial direct current stimulation to graded motor imagery in the treatment of neuropathic pain in complex regional pain syndrome type 1"

7:00pm – 8:00pm Blitz session #1 - New QPRN members

Salon C Session Chair: Dr Yves De Koninck (U. Laval) / Format: 10 min + 5 min

  • 7:00-7:15 Dr Alain Frigon (U. Sherbrooke)
    "The chronic spinal cat: a model to study the neuromechanical effects of physical therapies on nociceptive sensitisation and motor functions over time after complete spinal cord injury"
  • 7:15-7:30 Dr Catherine Ferland (U. McGill)
    "Improvement of children's perioperative pain management"
  • 7:30-7:45 Dr Émilie Lagueux (U. Sherbrooke)
    "La gestion de la douleur chronique: Ou en est la pratique de l’ergotherapie?"
  • 7:45-8:00 Dr Jordi Perez (McGill U.)
    "Methadone for chronic pain management, getting to know an old friend"

8:00pm – 10:00pm Dinner

Salon C

10:00pm – Free time for discussion

Saturday April 2nd, 2016

7:00am – 8:15am Breakfast

Restaurant "Les Quatre Canards"


8:15am – 8:20am Presentation of the North American Pain School (NAPS)

Salon BC

Dr Nicolas Beaudet (QPRN)


8:20am – 8:25am Presentation of the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI)

Salon BC

Élora Midavaine (U. Sherbrooke)


8:30am – 9:30am Keynote speaker

Salon BC

Dr Didier Bouhassira (Hopital Ambroise Pare, INSERM, France)

"Update on clinical advances and research on neuropathic pain"


9:30am – 10:20am Blitz session #2 - Junior Network (QNJPI)

Salon BC Session Chairs: QNJPI board members / Format: 7 min + 3 min

  • 9:30-9:40 Dr Jérôme Côté (U. Sherbrooke)
    "Creation of a brain-penetrant peptide-neurotensin (8-13) conjugate exerting analgesic activities after systemic administration"
  • 9:40-9:50 Dr Louis-Etienne Lorenzo (U. Laval)
    "An α2,3 GABA(A) receptor synaptic switch is associated with the KCC2 deficit in neuropathic pain: therapeutic implications"
  • 9:50-10:00 Dr Stéphanie Grégoire (McGill U.)
    "Changes in DNA methylation in the prefrontal cortex in chronic neuropathic pain: effect of SAdenosylmethionine (SAM) on pain behaviors and co-morbidities"
  • 10:00-10:10 Dr Marc-André Dansereau (U. Sherbrooke)
    "Figuring out how CCL2 and CCR2 contribute to chronic pain by using RNAi technology"
  • 10:10-10:20 Dr Hélène Beaudry (McGill U.)
    "Interrogating the role of peripheral opioid receptors using an optogenetic approach"


10:20am – 10:45am Health break & posters

Salon A


10:45am – 12:15pm Parallel workshops / session #1

i. Low back pain grand project workshop

Salon BC

Chair: Dr Laura Stone (McGill U.)

"Risk factors involved in the chronicity of acute low back pain"

General objectives:

1. Review the history and current subprojects of the LBP grand project.

2. Discuss the future vision of the LBP Grand Project.


ii. BrainCanada & Optogenetics workshop

Chasse-a-Courre A

Chairs: Dr Yves De Koninck (U. Laval) & Dr Philippe Seguela (McGill U.)

"Innovative Cellular Technologies for the Pain Network"

General objectives:

1. Inventory and applications of optogenetic tools, chemogenetic tools and transgenic lineages available to members of the Pain Network.

2. Updates on novel cellular imaging techniques.


12:15pm – 1:15pm Lunch & posters

Restaurant "Les Quatre Canards" & Salon A


1:15pm – 1:45pm Poster session by QNJPI students

Salon A


1:45pm – 2:45pm Blitz session #3 - QPRN members

Salon BC Session Chair: Dr Pierre Rainville (U. Montreal) / Format: 10 min + 5 min

  • 1:45-2:00 Dr Petra Schweindhardt (McGill U.) & Dr Catherine Ferland (McGill U.)
     "Update on the QST grand project"
  • 2:00-2:15 Dr Reza Sharif (McGill U.)
     "Dorsal horn parvalbumin neurons tonically inhibit touch-evoked pain"
  • 2:15-2:30 Dr Sylvie Le May (U. Montreal)
    "Pediatric musculoskeletal pain management in the emergency department: Results of the OUCH trial"
  • 2:30-2:45 Dr Éric Troncy (U. Montreal)
    "Osteoarthritis pain mechanisms: Which informations from experimental and natural animal models?"

2:45pm – 3:00 pm Health break & posters

Salon A


3:00pm – 4:30pm Parallel workshops / session #2

1. -Rx and side effects workshop
Chasse-a-Courre A
Chairs: Dr Louis Gendron (U. Sherbrooke) & Dr Philippe Sarret (U. Sherbrooke)
"Clinical observations and preclinical research orientations"
General objectives:

  1. Establish a research strategy to study side effects associated to pain treatment and management.
  2. Discuss the study of molecular, genetic and clinical signatures of prescribed opioid and non opioid analgesics.

2. Clinical registry workshop
Salon BC
Chairs: Dr Manon Choiniere (U. Montreal) & Dr Nicolas Beaudet (QPRN)
"Discussions on the selection of relevant research and clinical variables and novel technological architectures for registries"

General objectives:

  1. Inform participants about the new SPOR-Canadian Chronic Pain Network (CCPN) and the involvement of QPRN researchers in this network
  2. Describe the objectives of the CCPN component ≪ Chronic Pain Patient Registries ≫ and stimulate discussions about existing pain patient registries in Quebec and elsewere in Canada + US
  3. Discuss of ongoing strategies to optimize the technological architecture of the registry and discuss the support of the MSSS

4:30pm – 5:30pm Cocktail
Salon A

5:30pm – 6:15pm Blitz session #4 - New QPRN members

Salon BC Session Chair: Dr Manon Choiniere (U. Montreal) / Format: 10 min + 5 min

  • 5:30-5:45 Dr Timothy Wideman (McGill U.)
    "Exploring multi-modal factors and processes associated with pain-related disability"
  • 5:45-6:00 Dr Lynn Gauthier (U. Laval)
    "Cancer pain and aging: outline of a research program"
  • 6:00-6:15 Dr Sara Ahmed (McGill U.)
    "Ameliorer les resultats pour les soins des maladies chroniques: developpement et evaluation d'interventions de gestion des maladies chroniques centrees sur le patient"

6:15pm – 6:40pm Presentation of AmorChem

Salon BC Session Chair: Dr Nicolas Beaudet (QPRN) / Format: 15 min + 10 min
Dr Elizabeth Douville
"AmorChem: un fonds de capital de risque quebecois pour la recherche translationnelle"


6:40pm – 7:40pm Discussion on QPRN's renewal application

Salon BC Session Chair: Dr Mark Ware (McGill U. / QPRN)


7:40pm – 9:40pm Dinner

Restaurant "Les Quatre Canards"


9:40pm – ... Free time for discussion

Sunday April 3rd, 2016

7:00am – 8:30am Breakfast

Restaurant "Les Quatre Canards"


8:30am – 9:30am Blitz session #5 - New QPRN members

Salon C Session Chair: Dr Aline Boulanger (U. Montreal) / Format: 10 min + 5 min

  • 8:30-8:45 Dr Anne-Marie Pinard (U. Laval)
    "La CLE en douleur chronique: un projet novateur de transfert des connaissances"
  • 8:45-9:00 Dr Kadija Perreault (U. Laval)"Organisation des services et douleur"
  • 9:00-9:15 Dr Mathieu Roy (Concordia U.)
    "Mecanismes cerebraux impliques dans le controle comportemental de la douleur"

9:15am – 9:45am Health break

Salon C


9:45am – 11:00am Discussion on QPRN's renewal application

Salon C Session Chair: Dr Philippe Sarret (U. Sherbrooke / QPRN)


11:00am – 12:00am QPRN General Assembly

Salon C Session Chairs: Dr Mark Ware (McGill U. / QPRN) & Dr Philippe Sarret (U. Sherbrooke / QPRN)


12:00am Lunch boxes

Salon C


12:00am – 1:00pm Special meeting of the steering committee for the low back pain grand project

Chasse-a-Courre A Session Chair: Dr Laura Stone (McGill U.)

General objectives:

  1. Discuss transition from local to province-wide recruiting.
  2. Extended discussion on questionnaires.
  3. Establish a plan for preparation of our section of the renewal.

Location: Hotel Château-Bromont

90 Rue de Stanstead
Bromont, Québec
Canada, J2L 1K6