Yves De Koninck awarded the Canadian Pain Society 2017 Distinguished Career Award

Yves De Koninck - photo credit Simon Lecompte IUSMQ

Congratulations to Yves De Koninck on being awarded the Canadian Pain Society's Distinguished Career Award.  This award recognizes professor De Koninck's longstanding contributions to pain research. 

Dr. De Koninck will receive this award at the next Canadian Pain Society meeting in Halifax in May.


Philippe Sarret's team awarded $8,9M in grants for research to develop new drugs to treat chronic pain

Philippe Sarret (photo CRCHUS)

Philippe Sarret's laboratory recently obtained important grants that will be used to support his research projects which aim to identify and develop new drugs to treat chronic pain.  It is estimated that 70% of patients taking prescription analgesics for chronic pain are not relieved, in addition to living with side effects that can have a considerable impact on their quality of life, such as constipation, respiratory problems, tolerance, dependance and anxiety.

Chronic Pain Awareness Week 6-12 November - QPRN members participate

The Chronic Pain Awareness Week will take place from the 6th to the 12th of November 2016.  Many events are organized province-wide, and our members are participating.   L

When pain becomes chronic Café scientifique, organised by the research centre of the MUHC

Could Medical Cannabis Break the Painkiller Epidemic? - Scientific American article

Research and experts are suggesting medical cannabis could help reduce opioid consumption,  as a less dangerous alternative to treat chronic pain.  Scientific American published an article summarizing recent research about the subject, and includes a discussion of research on the safety of cannabis used to treat chronic pain published by Mark Ware and colleagues in the Journal of Pain.  

"Experimental clinical trials would provide the most definitive proof on any cause-and-effect relation between medical cannabis and reduced opioid use" says Mark Ware.  


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